About Us

Why use Goentry search engine:

Personal information is something which needs to be divulged strictly on need-to-know basis. But what must remain private, is these days collected by scores of individuals albeit websites, who keep track of every website visited and each keyword searched. Mostly this personal information is collected on the pretext of providing personalized services is also sold to third parties or interested parties albeit shared with others.

What we see:

Internet users are seeking complete transparency and control over online privacy. We believe in an internet, where everyone can move about freely without any fear of privacy invasion or search results being monitored.

Something about Us:

Goentry was founded to address the needs of searchers and privacy experts for a search engine dedicated to providing 100% privacy and freedom from so called personalized searches. By supporting for the cause of online privacy, we believe we have taken a step in the right direction and we will continue to push our limits to be the change we want to see in world.